Our vision in Assembly of the Living Yahweh is to:

  1. Enter into the Kingdom of Yahweh as directed by Yahshua (Luke 13:24);
  2. Obey YAHWEH’S WORDS, STATUTES, LAWS and COMMANDMENTS, as our Master and Saviour Yahshua did (John 15:10)
  3. Preach the gospel of the Kingdom of Yahweh to humanity as a witness;
  4. Baptize into the Name of YAHSHUA those who receive and believe in Him;
  5. Live in love and fellowship as a family of Yahweh, even as we wait for the return of our Master Yahshua.
"Doing and teaching His Words are crucial for growing in grace, and increasing in the knowledge of our YAHWEH and MESSIAH YASHUA.  We believe that Yahshua will soon return into this Earth to establish the Government of YAHWEH that will last forever."